Your Organic Elegance

Old stone bridges are often worn and mossy. They’re chipped by time and entangled with briars of history. They’re considered by many too narrow for the mess of modernity and too clumsy for the daily rush into the results headed life.

Yet old stone bridges have an organic elegance that concrete abutments and steel struts can’t touch.

Old stone bridges speak to a more natural speed of life. They’re often so narrow that one wagon must yield at one end to let an oncoming wagon cross, teaching humility and courtesy and friendly exchange.

Old stone bridges tell stories of lovers’ trysts and secret meetings, market day and fall fairs, midnight solitude and sunrise quiet. Old stone bridges speak more to the heart-centred life.

They’re made from the earth of their environs. They co-habitate with all around them. They belong. They co-originate from The Now Field along with you and will disappear back into the earth of their being, biodegrading naturally, blending back with the dust of their origins just as your body returns to Earth, clay, dust, ash. Like you, old stone bridges belong.

And if you look at them a certain way, old stone bridges help co-create a world where function is not separate from beauty and where results are commingled with reverence.

Your organic elegance is like a bridge that co-arises with the needs of your life, a bridge over every troubled water, over any abyss of impossible odds, over any canyon of stunning vistas and longed for shores.

Your organic elegance is your way through dark passage of lost dreams or lonely byways of forgotten strengths.

And it may not always be smooth, accurate, on point. In fact it could be messy, like compost and rainy days and babies’ runny noses.

But your organic elegance embodies the natural graces of instinct and intuition. Partner those with the honed skills of attention and intention and you’ve built a bridge through to the further shores of your more inspired life.