Your Buried Treasure

I was reminded today of the power in not selling yourself short, dumbing yourself down, giving away your power, making yourself fit in to other peoples’ expectations and categories.

The thing is, that’s what we’ve all done growing up. And it’s perfectly natural.

We’re born helpless. Survival requires fitting in.

We’re biological and social beings, too, in need of belonging, in need of affection and appreciation in order to thrive. We learn early on to squeeze aspects of ourselves out of conscious existence so that we’ll be loved.

And that’s how it goes as we learn to become a human being. And sometimes the examples around us of being human weren’t all that encouraging, admirable, or even humane.

Really growing up means digging down deep into those disowned parts, into the subconscious, examining all the memes of memory and cramps of conditioning that keep us down, hold us back, and trip us up from the invisible depths.

Really growing up means doing some long awaited soul recovery.

We really need to learn the art of loving ourselves back to wholeness.

Take the depth plunge. I’ve got a lot of Pluto in the Eighth House. I’m familiar, oh so familiar, with the depth plunge. And it’s my vocation and counsellor and coach to help others.

Take the plunge. Plunder the depths. That’s where the sunken treasure is: the treasure of your radiant soul.