Be Willing To Be A Beginner Every Morning

Morning is a fresh beginning. Our waking encounter with the miracle of our biology and with the magic of our perceptual choices opens a window into novelty and possibility. We need only see it and step through.

Here’s a lovely fact. Each night as we sleep, cell growth and repair is going on throughout the body. When we wake up, cells never before imprinted by the outside world open their eyes to a brand new day.

Also, new cells form in response to new experience. Engaging the brain with a new intellectual or physical pursuit grows grey matter, that is, cells.

Learning a new language, doing Sudoku, reading new ideas build the brain.

New and repeated body movements like dance steps or yoga postures; learning a new recreational sport like bicycling or paddling a canoe, give rise to muscle growth, muscle memory, and new neural paths.

World travel or driving a new route home amplify cell growth as we wake up to the need to pay attention.

New cells arise to house the not before known, to catalogue and store it. The new situation itself calls forth this amazing cellular engagement with our world.

Furthermore, the 50 trillion or so cells in our bodies communicate with each other at, quite possibly, the speed of light—or faster. What happens to one cell happens to them all, simultaneously, in the entangled network of cellular energetics.

So, upon first opening our eyes, every cell in the body is in on the experience of a new moment. At precisely the moment we open our eyes, our new cells meet the new morning and the narrow window to make the same-old-same-old out there new from within opens its crack in the mind.

At the threshold of a brand new moment awaits the fleet potential to make the familiar fresh. Here is the opuscule of opportunity for a brand new view of ourselves and our world.

But we don’t always see or say or do it that way. Conditioning might say, “Ho Hum. Another day.”

But it’s precisely here that we have the opportunity to supply a conscious message of a fresh perspective; it’s here we have a chance to begin to shift the subconscious memory banks of habituated perceptions and behaviours.

When we support Nature’s miracle of cell growth and repair with Nurture’s magic of a new attitude—such as welcome, gratitude, wonderment, joy, kindness—the sacramental zest we give to this new moment begins its good work of transforming the old stuck neural routes into vision paths of delight and perceptual grooves of the possible.

The new situation is each morning upon waking. The new situation is every breathing, winking, blinking moment of your life.

Open the windows of your fresh daily sight. Every morning upon waking say: thank you eyes, thank you body, thank you bedroom, thank you sun through my windows, thank you breath in my lungs, thank you world. Ask yourself: Who may I become today, how might I transform my world? Be willing to be a beginner every morning.