Massive Manifesting Mojo: Training The Ungoverned Mind

The Buddha once said that the most dangerous thing is the ungoverned mind.

The ungoverned mind is like an unskilled archer. Thoughts are its arrows.

With an unskilled archer, you never know where an arrow might go. Unfocussed aim, wobbly balance, distracted attention can send arrows willynilly in kneejerk directions.

With the ungoverned, undisciplined mind, you never know where thoughts might go nor what intention might be propelling them. The ungoverned mind can’t hold an aim. It can’t hold a thought. It can’t focus and hold its course. It’s a feral thing. It can’t assist in bringing forth the crazy sexy greatness you may yearn for.

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got. If you want to get closer to the bull’s eye, you’ve got to learn better aim and you’ve got to master the nuances of propulsion. If thoughts are like arrows, they need a bow to propel them and an aim to guide them so they land where directed.

In this archery analogy, the bow is feeling and the aim is the arrow; or the bow is intention, coming from the heart, and the aim is attention, coming from the head. Without bow and aim, arrows are useless. Without intention and attention, thoughts are random, indecisive, lopsided, and lacking a propulsion agent. They’re not energetically coherent.


Coherence means things that hang together perfectly and make sense.

In physics, coherent waves are described as two or more waves whose troughs and crests meet and align perfectly, synchronizing trough to trough, crest to crest; and increasing the overall amplitude.

The HeartMath Institute defines coherence as a measure in the heart’s rhythms that reflects harmony and synchrony among body systems. Coherent rhythms between heart and brain are a measure of feeling good or feeling bad, and these coherent rhythms are guided by the heart.

Coherence comes through feeling and intention on the one hand and mental focus or attention on the other.

Quieting the mind is key to slowing racing thoughts, focussing distracted attention, brightening gloomy thoughts; and bringing coherent flow to thinking and feeling, to attention and intention. But we don’t work with the brain initially to build coherence. Quieting the mind begins with softening the breath and soothing the heart.


Meditation practices of all kinds with their focus on breath and one point attention encourage coherence between heart and brain. Meditation quiets, clears, cleanses the bodyheartmind totality. A consistent meditation practice of soft breath, open heart, attentive head trains both our deep driving desire’s propulsion system, feeling; and our desire’s steering system, thinking, to focus on the desired outcome.

Dropping good intention into quiet mind is key to loosening old memory habits that appear as all those distracting or dismantling thoughts. Consistent practice of good intention in quiet mind refashions the neural grooves on which memory habits habitually travel, thereby cultivating health and wellbeing and assisting the fruition of your deep driving desire.

Good feeling supports good thinking. Good thinking guides good intention. A master archer of massive manifesting mojo brings coherence to heart and head. The governed mind is heart and head in sweet and savvy affinity. When feeling and thinking align, when attention and intention align, all your crazy sexy super powers come into coherence.

So breathe. Focus on one good thought. Hold the feeling. Take aim. You’re about to hit your bull’s-eye.