A Karmic Kiss or Karmic Carom? Blog Bite

Holding on to revenge is a karmic slap in the face—our own face.

Replacing revenge with reverence is a karmic kiss on the cheek.

Revenge doesn’t have to be a big intention or even a conscious intention, nor a full out moral or ideological war on anyone or anything.

Our little daily dismays, pet peeves, closet inadequacies, secret shames are breeding grounds for pocket revenge—that little nag of narrow mindedness or small heartedness that needs to feel bigger, so it reduces someone or something else.

Our pocket revenge tactics are often unconscious and habitual actions: sarcasm, passive-aggressiveness, cold shoulder, interrupting. Nothing major.

But the karmic carom niggles its way back into our own lives, someday, some way through The Universal Law of Returns.

An antidote to revenge is reverence.

A wise reverent rapport with ourselves leads to more conscious awareness and more intentional action. And that always liberates kindness into our living flow.

A karmic slap in the face or a karmic kiss on the cheek comes to us or through us in many forms. We have a choice which cheek to turn, so to speak. We have a powerful influence now on the immediate and future outcome of actions.

We could choose reverence.

Times of dire reverence like ours now, where big and little acts of revenge and rapacity are devouring beauty everywhere, call for a karmic kiss of deepest respect from all our intentions and actions. That kiss is the karmic catalyst for more liberating kindness in the world.