That Nagging Desire

Desire is the fire that moves us to inspired action. It’s an evolutionary imperative, a creative impetus, a cultural invigorator. It’s a way home to the fullness of your being, a way through to the fulfillment of your destiny. Desire is the attractor factor that magnetizes a crazy sexy inspired life.

Desire is a current within you that eddies around one or a few central themes, or rolls over itself in vague or vociferous repetitions.

Desire is stored in the dream you keep coming back to that feels just right for your own specific, unique, inalienable path—even if you’re depressed about ever materializing that dream.

Desire opens in the book you read over and over; the idea you return to that keeps jiggling your cells; the imagined design you keep pouring out for your future house, career, beloved, adventure, world.

Desire wags in the notion, the niggling, the nagging, the inkling, the hint that keeps you engaged.

When these repetitions show up, pay attention. Something wants to come into being through you. More than that, something must come into being through you for your life to feel fulfilled. Desire is its fuel. Destiny is its result.

If these following repetitions show up, pay attention: despair, worry, frustration, worthlessness, helplessness, anger. These patterns of thought and repetitions of feeling are weighted toward lower frequency vibrations and act as blockages to your destiny fuel of desire.

When you’re cycling through loops of negative thoughts and feelings, your magnetic attractor frequency is still attracting—but attracting the stuff that blocks your desire from fulfilling itself, your life, your destiny.

It’s crucial to your exquisite existential and beautiful biospiritual being that you attend to clearing up deeply entrenched blockages.

A powerful practice of clearing blockages is meditation.

A meditation practice teaches you that you don’t have to listen to any particular thought that floats through your head; that you don’t have to follow, indulge, engage, act on, react to any particular idea or image crossing your path in the roadshow of your mind.

A meditation practice teaches you that you have a choice in what thoughts to follow. Consciously choosing, over and over, to sidestep limiting thoughts strengthens your mental muscle of chosen focus and attention, and loosens your hold on stuck memory habits—the repetitious subconscious patterns that yoga calls samskaras and that my old teacher called the cramp of conditioning.

When you consciously choose to sit with silence you begin to hear the whisper of your heart. In that whisper is the still small voice of inspiration, the song of desire, the knock of destiny.

Pay attention to what’s inside you. Listen. Clear up the blocks. Vitalize your flow.

Your desire to destiny dream path is always calling. As Farmer Hoggett quietly knew in the film, Babe, little ideas that tickle and nag and refuse to go away should be attended to, for in them lie the seeds of destiny.