Star Power

When you are moved by a burning desire, you are moving with the stars.

I’m moved by etymologies, the root meanings in words. The roots of desire are simply lovely.

Desire means to wish for and of the stars.

Why did the original word makers hitch desire, this powerful force of movement and manifestation in the human world, to the image of the stars?

I don’t know, really. But I do know they were seers, visionaries, worldmakers. They understood the connection between language and worldmaking.

Language gives access to the worlds it speaks of. Language metabolizes spirit into substance, desire into reality. In the beginning, goes a famous creation story, there was The Word.

Words are worldmakers, little star songs, echoes of creative power. Our words and our intention in them governs increase and decrease, gain and loss, fulfillment and depletion. Words can light the way or darken it.

Stars are worldmakers, too. The physics of world making—of planet, asteroid, solar system making; of atom, molecule, body making—is the physics of star power.

The Big Bang is one theory of how the universe with its vast empty spaces, spots of light, and clumps of matter came to be.

The Big Bang theory says one initial explosion brought the formless into form. An originating, infinitesimal point of potential, the tiniest pinpoint carrying immeasurable infinite power, exploded from the void into the original dark; and together, the Holy Dark and the Mystic Light unfolded as The Universe.

Gases coalesced into stars. Stars into matter. Matter and light into great diversities of planets.

Ours is a sweet blue gem of lovingkindness floating in a vast dark splendour and giving us, and all beings with us, this great miracle of life. And it all dangles from a star.

We and our lovely blue planet, our oasis in space, are dependent on our nearest star, our sun. We are made of star stuff. We are fed by star stuff. Everything is made of star stuff.

Stars are exploding and imploding all over the multiverse all the time. Their dust, their photons, their coronal mass ejections of gasses and electromagnetic waves, their insurmountable atom power is you. The dust and photons and insurmountable atom power of the original bang is in every atom now.

We take in light, are fed by light directly from the sun and indirectly through the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe. And—we give off light.

Biophotons, discovered by Alexander G. Gurvich and later proved by Fritz-Albert Popp, are the light in our cells. Our cells actually emit photons, spontaneously. The greater our health, the brighter our biophoton emissions. Ancient teachings of our Light Body have known this for maybe tens of thousands of years.

Desire is star power humanized. Desire is your worldmaking fuel.

The grand mission of the universe through you is not to make the upper 2% uber rich, richer; nor to shrink your life down to a pension plan.

The mission of truly living is to unleash desire and unfold destiny, our individual destinies and our collective and interdependent destiny of evolving consciousness on our lovely blue planet.

Hitch your desire to your nearest vision star and ride the unfoldingment of your destiny. Unleash your light.