Integrity: The Inner Firepit

We are energetic beings in an energetic multiverse. I once read a quotation that reads: We are non-local beings in a local experience. To me that means that local action has non-local effects. Happenings here and now affect there and then.

Local integrity is internal action here and now. And it’s the internal preparation that gives a burning desire its best chance for external fulfillment through the nonlocal field of infinite creativity.

Consider this analogy. To get a fire going, you need to prepare the firepit from the bottom up. A little bit of tinder, inside a little teepee of kindling, inside a bigger teepee of pencil sized twigs, inside the teepee of fuel wood. Add a wee spark or flame to the central tinder, breathe on it, and patiently tend to its needs from the base up, from the inner to the outer. You may notice that its heat and glow spread beyond the firepit. You may notice that its sparks resemble twinkling stars. A campfire is an analogy for a local event with non-local resonance of warmth and wonderment.

Integrity is an internal firepit. It’s entangled with the nonlocal field of organizing oomph everywhere. Preparing the internal firepit of integrity sparks resonant energy vibrations into the cosmic dynamo of organizing élan.

Integrity is an energetic attractor. Consistent practice of integrity’s vibrant vibratory trio of bold heart, prepared mind, and honed skill gives integrity more spark and sparkle. The more ardent, focussed, and skilled our local integrity here and now, the more vibrational verve we swing into the nonlocal field of energetic élan.

When skilled external action supports a bold integrity and a prepared intention, opportunity happens. The cosmic dynamo of organizing élan works in harmony with the energetic muster of integrity to fulfill a deep driving desire.

Opportunity happens all the time. It just happens to happen more vibrantly to our attention span, to our noticing faculty, when we’re vibing with integrity.