The Infinite Imagining Matrix

It’s said that there’s one original and originating All Stuff. It’s everywhere always.

It has been called Great Dreamer, Dream Maker, a mind stuff, a thinking substance, a cosmic soup of potentiality. It’s called Yahweh, Jehovah, Elohim, Allah, Atman, God, Brahman, Wakan Tanka, Geetcha Manitou, Apu, Tao, Wyrrd, The Force.

It’s a creative organizing field of potentiality. It’s called cosmic background radiation, Akasha, The Field, The Thing That Was There Before Anything Was There.

I like to call it an infinite imagining matrix. Out of it, whatever its name, all that we know with our senses and can see in our minds metabolizes.

The infinite imagining matrix. It’s behind, before, beyond The Big Bang. Woven into everything, all things spring from it and all things are made in it. You come from it. You are one with it. You are a magnificent imagining maven.

You have a body. A body contains cells. Cells contain molecules. Molecules contain atoms. Atoms contain electrons, protons, nuclei, quarks, quirks, bosons, mesons—an endless array of particles moving in infinite interspaces of the primary creative Now Field.

And all these infinitely small, enfolded, spiralling, multiple energy waves vibrate at incalculable speeds, both way out there beyond you and way in there within you.

All these wave particles come out of the original source wave. These wave particles are held together by fundamental forces so great and vast that neither you nor I can fathom holding that much power in our grasp and yet we are expressions and carriers of these very forces.

Then something puts it all together into seemingly infinite arrays of stuff. Some ineffable, effable, effanineffable, deep and inscrutable, singular something[i] creates endless newness out of the All Stuff. Now, that’s imagination!

You’re an expression of, a piece of, a reflection and refraction of this imaginative and imagining substrate of everything. Everything is its reflection. When you look at a blade of grass, a chicken, a friend, a star, you’re looking at yourself—you are looking at God.

My great teacher, the late and eminent Northrop Frye, wrote: The fundamental job of imagination in ordinary life…is to produce, out of the society we have to live in, a vision of the society we want to live in. [ii]

So, in ordinary life as in Infinity, imagination is the marvelous energetic matrix of world making. When we realize this; that is, when we make this fundamental force of Nature real, The Great Dreamer in us rounds up all the subatomic energetic infinitely attracting potentialities to metabolize the imagined, to make it so.

Dream big. Imagine boldly. We are each carriers of the same infinitely imaginative matrix. We are each magnificent imagining mavens. We are each a partner in worldmaking. In times of dire reverence, imagining the beautiful and acting on its behalf is the sanest

[i] Eliot, T. S (1982). Old Possum’s Book Of Practical Cats. ‘The Naming Of Cats.’ London: Faber and Faber, p. 11. I’ve borrowed this line from his delightful expression of philosophical depths.

[ii] Frye, Northrop (1963). The Educated Imagination. Toronto: Canadian Broadcasting Corp., p. 60.