Goals Help You Get Your Flow On

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Going With The Flow

Where your attention goes, there your energy flows. Where your intention goes, there your energy grows. Goals provide fuel for your intention and direction for your attention.

But if your goal isn’t supported by a core belief that feeds that goal, you’re most likely rocking your own boat.

Instead of rocking your own boat, you need to get rowing your own boat. To do that, you need to investigate your core beliefs, identify those that swamp your good intention, and do the practices that change hampering core beliefs to helpful core beliefs. Doing so is a process and the process itself can get your boat floating on flowing waters toward your desired goal.

A conscious goal helps you get your flow on. When you get more conscious about what’s rocking your boat—i.e. those core beliefs against the fulfillment of your flow—then you can get more intentional about changing those beliefs into ones that support your goals, fuelling your intention and guiding your attention with flow fulfilling actions.

Blocks Against Flow

When you’ve got your flow on, feeling focussed and inspired to put energy toward goal fulfillment, you’ll still run into blocks along the way. Storms at sea are part of the journey. A good captain makes sure his crew of core beliefs don’t cause a mutiny.


You need to get your crew of core beliefs cleaned up so that your conscious intention and focussed attention don’t block your flow and can ride whatever the wind and waves toss up on your journey toward your goal.

Cleaning up the core beliefs and clearing out those that don’t serve your conscious intention prevents mutiny. Practices that clean up and clear out what doesn’t serve your conscious intention toward your goal include therapies like meditation, hypnosis, and creative visualization. These practices are simple and easy to learn. The rub is that core belief that says: why bother. That core belief—smacking of hopelessness, helplessness, or worthlessness—can be a very stuck place, the wave that always broadsides you, the rock that rips your hull, the deadhead that stumps your canoe into a full halt in the middle of the river and leaves you stranded.

Just Begin And Flow Follows

The encouragement to just begin comes from the smallest place. It’s that little voice that says: just begin. Listen to that little voice. Let its intention guide your attention.

Keep your goal simple right now. Let it be this: just begin. Take that step. Reach out. Intend to help yourself and put your attention on just this: begin.

If you’re already dreaming big, keep the flow alive with daily goal renewal practices like meditation, hypnosis, or creative visualization. Working with an intention coach can be a valuable partnership that inspires you when your flow flounders, when you find your attention fragmenting or your intention fizzling.

Remember, a goal gets your flow on. A goal provides fuel for your intention and direction for your attention. Big or small, setting a goal gets your flow moving you on the most amazing journey—your fulfilled and fulfilling life.

Paddling at sunrise. Perfect flow.
Paddling at sunrise. Perfect flow.

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