The Dolorous Blow~~Revisioning Trauma

The Dolorous Blow in Arthurian legend is the wound that maims The Fisher King, leaving him and the land impotent. In the terms of Law Of Attraction metaphors, the King’s vibrational frequency plummets to an energetic low and the land follows. His kingdom becomes The Wasteland.

In myth, the king or queen can be symbolic of a governing principle in our selves; and the land a reflection of the psychic wholeness of the king or queen. In Arthurian legend, the entire kingdom depends on the King’s health, on his life force energy. In life, it’s really the same~~our world hangs on our health, on our internal vitality, on our energetic balance.

Our inner life out-pictures, to use Neville Goddard’s phrase, into our lives, shaping the world of our personal and collective reality. We are energetic beings. Our prevailing feeling state affects our energetic resonance. Our resonance governs the kinds of events attracted into our lives.

Can you see yourself as the king or queen of your inner realm? Are you hale and happy in abundant blessedness? Or are you sad, angry, sick? Is the inner marriage of your kingly spirit and your queenly soul balanced and bright? Or are you invisible to your egoic view entirely, duped by the duplicitous cheats and wormtongues of power that you are nothing?

The wounding of The Fisher King is a wounding in us all. Traumatic experiences have become epidemic. Traumatic stress wrecks the energetic balance and wracks the mind. Traumatic stress disorder becomes a crutch for some and a banner for others, a label that constricts vision and obstructs healing. The clinical pathologizing sets in, we lose the dignity in the experience, and little heals.

Trauma loops explode all around us, in tv shows, film, avatar games, on the streets, in homes. Generational repetitions compound over and over, violence consolidates violence, and the out-picturings of profound lack of vision make a wasteland of this good green luscious living Earth.

An experience so global and obvious is crying out for revisioning. Trauma is a blow to our very life force. For such a critical experience, the language of myth restores dignity to the spirit, devotion to the soul, vitality to the body, and vibrancy to the imagination. The irresisitibly attractive energy of mythic language restores our magic to us.  transforms how we see ourselves .


A dolorous blow in our lives can really rock our trust, hope, curiosity, playfulness, joy~~those sparkling energetic exhilarators of abundant living~~thereby clouding our perspective and damping our vibrational lustre.

Nearly drowning or being involved in a near or tragic drowning, losing a limb, developing a life threatening disease can be the incidents that Arthurian legend calls The Dolorous Blow.

Consistent sarcastic assaults to our sense of self over time or direct hits to the soft animal of the body, as Mary Oliver describes our sweet ally of carriage through this life, are dolorous blows. These blows of experience can be paralyzing, to the mind or to the body. Fear, anger, despair, physical pain take over. Fertility of resilience fails. The inner wasteland sets in.

If you have ever been depressed, cast down, despondent, in agony, you have shared in the human experience of the dolorous blow, of soul loss. These blows lay waste our inner land of psychic wholeness and become reflected in the crippling outer circumstances of our lives.

Any event that conditions our subconscious toward a fear, grief, despair, anger bias can be a dolorous blow to our wellbeing. And the word trauma can consolidate the blow. I find the liberating language of myth to be a respectful and wonderful way to revision the blows of life so that we sense a path forward, through the dark wood, out of the wasteland, and into growth potential.


Clinical psychology calls the dolorous blow a trauma event and its repercussions post trauma symptoms.

I have found in 60 years of my own gorgeous perilous missions, and in 20 years of clinical counselling practice, that diagnostic labels, like trauma or post traumatic stress, are helpful guiding descriptions, but can severely limit a person’s recovery. Labelling a person with post traumatic stress disorder (or bi-polar or cancer or such) is like putting a sign on the path: Fisher King’s Castle This Way. The sign may lead the heroic quester to the castle, but says nothing about next steps in healing.

People get really attached to labels. Phrases like: mental illness, terminal illness, inoperable condition, toxic people, toxic situations can become a  life sentence to a mind hung up on strict definitions. These labels can suck the life energy out of a person hunkering under the dolorous blows of life.

I much prefer the lingua mythica of the heroic journey. Lingua mythica translates roughly as the language of story or story language. A mythopoetic language liberates soul into the healing process. The Grail Cycle of stories is one such healing language.

The language of the heroic journey gives us magical allies, the animal friend, words of power, opuscules of opportunity, hope swings across impossible odds, timely meetings, divine encounters, the chance to recover a fearless awesome courage, the jewel of wisdom in the Underworld, redemption of self and community and land.


Healing trauma, healing false limits to our soul’s purpose, healing The Dolorous Blow may be one of our gorgeous perilous missions in life.

Warrior training teaches that we must take our fear, breathe it intensely into a ball of fire in the belly, govern our attention, direct our intention, and use these like an archer uses a bow: to aim the gorgeous perilous mission of the moment and propel our fearless awesome courage towards the bull’s eye of necessary action.

Spiritual Warrior training teaches that with breath regulation and meditation, we learn to embrace the body, govern thoughts, inspire the heart, hone vision, and trust action. The best springs forward of its own accord. When you do the work, the work supports you. When you do the work, the work heals you. You learn to unhook from habituated reactivity. In Arthurian terms, you cut and ride the psychological wave through danger to safe harbour. It’s a deep practice of focus and non-attachment.


Long ago, in another place and time, my beloved painted paddlemaking teacher, who gave me such loony latinate phrases as lingua mythica, taught me much about facing my fears. He taught me that The Sacred Psychologies (his term for the perennial wisdom traditions) don’t see fear as the problem. Attachment to fear is the problem.

Our instinctual emotion is ok. Instinctual fear is ok. It serves a purpose. It tells us danger is afoot. It sends powerful chemical warriors and scintillating electromagnetic allies through our bodies, collaborators of immense energetic oomph unleashed for our instant strength.

Attachment to fear and attachment to fear based reactivity—such as panic—is the culprit. Habituated fear, habituated stress, or a habituated trauma loop, for example, is the problem. Habituation rather than instinct is the more damaging culprit. Getting unhooked from fear’s grappling irons is part of the gorgeous perilous mission.


Our times call for each of us to unhook from learned patterns of fear-based attachment: attachment to me, mine, more, an eye for an eye, fossil fuel use, toxic manufacturing practices, compulsive consumption, torture of any kind of all soft bodies everywhere.

Our sweet oasis in space, our Earth, is showing symptoms of The Wasteland of myth. The faulty belief system of egoic self-interest is the dolorous blow to our collective energetic good vibrations.

Our life habits live up to~~or down to~~our most consistent conditioning. Our emotional patterns and thought addictions shape our choices, actions, and vibrational frequencies. Our biosphere suffers or thrives accordingly.

This egoic self-interest that sets our species as more important than Nature’s exquisite life harmonies and our wants as more valuable than the liberty of our animal, plant, mineral, water ,and gas allies out-pictures in tragic proportions as the toxic wasteland of our times.

In The Grail Cycle of stories, finding The Holy Grail brings healing to The Dolorous Blow, The Fisher King, and the land.

The Holy Grail can be seen as a symbol for the energetic frequency of healing, harmony, and happiness. The Grail lives in the heart of The Fisher’s King’s castle.


Our collective mission calls upon each of us to see our own dolorous blow~~our trauma wound~~as the opportunity to seek the grail of the heart, drink the elixir of a new vision, and tell the liberating tale of a new guiding story in our lives.

The old trauma story can become the epic tale of the gorgeous perilous mission. The old trauma wound can become The Radiant Wound of radical redemption.

When we change the way we tell our story, the story we tell changes our world. As each of us unhooks our story from our cramp of conditioning, from our trauma wound, we transcend habituated fear. Every personal liberation from habituated fear raises the collective vibe.

Globally we need a new guiding story. Is this the New Dark Ages or is this the Age Of Vision? The version we choose out-pictures and becomes our world.

The fresh story begins inside each of us. And as tales like The Grail Cycle remind us, the liberating story we need must be centred in the heart.

Awakening heart energy gets us unhooked from fear and unleashes our fearless awesome courage into vibrant vibrational change practices.

Only heart medicine heals The Dolorous Blow. A change of heart changes everything. The time is now. The time is only ever NOW.

The Grit & Gumption Of Your Fearless Awesome Courage big blog

Everyone has a gorgeous perilous mission. The details change from person to person, perhaps from life stage to life stage. The magnitude of the mission is large for some and small for others. But the principle of the mission stays the same.

We are each here to redeem our deep driving desire from its prison or slumber and fulfill our personal destiny within the collective destiny of our times. We are here to be, as fully as possible, the channel for our singular purpose to arrive in the world. We are here to unleash a fearless awesome courage into the world.


Why do I call it a fearless awesome courage?

One reason is that, for most of us, our deep driving desire got lost beneath layers of experience. Unearthing our desire can require an exceptional courage of us.

The magnificent evolutionary efficiency of our nervous system shaped itself in, through, and from this world of experience, a world filled with danger and safety. The nervous system evolved to shrink from pain and reach for pleasure.

These layers of experience become our cramp of conditioning—the learned habits of limiting memory and rote behaviour that keep us in the same-old-same-old. These habits very often keep us from daring the difference that our unique and singular destiny calls for.

Our cramp of conditioning is also mostly invisible. I say mostly because we can’t see a belief; we can’t touch a memory; we can’t eat a perception of any kind, limiting or unlimiting—at least not physically.

But we can see the effects of conditioning. The effects unfold as our typical reactions and behaviours, preferences and abhorrences.

To liberate our deep driving desire we have to dare our conditioning that holds guard at the gates of memory. Like any great heroine or hero, we have to dare the underworld, the place where lost things go, where forgotten things lie, where the treasure of our true destiny waits to be freed.

And old habits die hard. Our entire ego identity and sense of belonging cling to these old patterns of conditioned memory. It’s a big deal. A belief is a little thing wielding a huge heft of power.

After we dare the underworld of our subconscious, then we have to dare the world.


The world we must dare includes: the convictions others have around who and what we’re supposed to be; the insistence the collective conditioning has around how we’re supposed to fit in and do our duty to maintain the status quo; the hard line group mind has around keeping everything as is.

And dare we must if we are to redeem our own true authentic self from conformity. Dare we must if we are to protect and liberate the good, the right, the perfection in ourselves and in the world.

You may feel called to rescue abused animals or help relieve world hunger. You may be called to release yourself from an addiction. You may be called to be the strong light in your family or neighbourhood that brings hope to despair, joy to sadness, a helping hand to a disabled neighbour, a shovel to a tree planting event.

No matter who we are each of us is called upon to protect beauty, truth, innocence, and trust in whatever form those appear in our worlds—both inner and outer. And many are the forces against us—from within and from without. An old shame habit can keep us down. An old worry, such as what others might think, can keep us stuck in deep unhappiness. An old taboo can keep us small. A military occupation can throw the mind into terror.

But what’s the alternative to playing safe? Does dying with your music still in you appeal to you? Does living with an unlived story inside you appeal to you?


Your gorgeous perilous mission calls upon you to challenge your habitual fears, make fear your ally, and lift that wildly singular burning desire into your living flow. Big or small; visibly on a world scale or invisibly in the inner arena where you wrestle for your soul—your gorgeous perilous mission is as important as anyone’s.

What’s stopping you from beginning? Fear of some kind? Well, take a deep breath, take heart, and take a step. That step not only calls for a fearless awesome courage, but calls upon the fearless awesome courage to arise. That step evokes it from its prison or slumber, wakes it up to the dire cue of the moment, ignites the grit and gumption needed to carry through.

When a fearless awesome courage allies with a gorgeous dangerous mission you get a golden opportunity.

As soon as you take that step, the path of radiant attraction begins to open. As soon as you begin the challenge, courage begins to muster. Your gorgeous perilous mission attracts the allies it needs to liberate your joy. And a primary ally is the fearless awesome courage that lives within you, within each of us, awaiting ignition.


Fear: Friend or Foe? Your Gorgeous Perilous Mission Blog Bite

When is fear a friend and when is fear a foe?

Part of your gorgeous perilous mission is to find out.

Almost everyone experiences physical, psychological, and spiritual dangers in this life. The smallest thing can be a mortal danger if we let fear take us down; the smallest threat can be crippling to body, mind, or spirit.

An angry fist in the face, a sarcasm dart to the heart, a tornado across the field, a bomb blowing up your car—these call up fear as an appropriate first reaction.

Fear is part of our evolutionary alert system. We’re designed to fight, flee, or freeze to protect this mortal coil from threats to life or wellbeing, or to protect what we love.

But fear doesn’t have to take you down. Fear doesn’t have to compromise your radiant attraction action. Fear can wake you up, stand you up, and fill you up with a powerful urgency to grow out of old conditioning and grow into your lucid and purposeful living flow now.

When fear is an ally and not an enemy you have a helpful warning system that alerts you to real danger and to the hook of an old conditioned reactivity. Your gorgeous perilous mission is to discern between the two. Your gorgeous perilous mission is to act above fear, to act as if your life depends upon that, and to act as if death were no consequence.

And the moment you begin; the moment you make that first inner decision to face the big calling of your life or the small calling of the day’s particulars, an unexpected ally arrives. Your fearless awesome courage arrives. It may be small, just enough to squeak you through to the next crack in the wall, the next helpful turn in the maze of confusion. And it may be the huge leap you need.

But big or small, you find you’re not alone. You find you’re equipped with the tools needed to accomplish the journey of the moment.

And big or small, when a gorgeous perilous mission allies with a fearless awesome courage you get a golden opportunity. And that’s the cosmic dynamo of attraction action dancing with your destiny.

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Integrity & Reciprocal Blessing Blog Bite

Integrity is an energetic attractor. Consistent practice of integrity’s vibrant vibratory trio of bold heart, prepared mind, and honed skill gives integrity more spunk and sparkle. The more ardent, focussed, and skilled our internal integrity here and now, the more vibrational verve we swing into the universal field of energetic élan.

Integrity and reciprocal blessing are partners on the path of spiritual growth. The cosmic dynamo of organizing élan seems to love nothing more than reciprocal blessing, responding in kind to your most consistent energy frequency, that is, to your most repeated emotional resonance. Integrity makes good emotions.

Whatever your deep driving desire, be it now. Practice now. Study now. Network now. Do it now. Wherever you are, be here now in your present circumstance and practice what needs to be done within the mire and majesty of your life to liberate your crazy sexy super charged destiny.

Let’s say you want to relieve world hunger. That’s a vision of bold and compassionate integrity. To get there, start local, start here, start now.

Feeding the hungry locally, where you are, sets up a vibratory resonance that ripples through the nonlocal cosmic field with the integrity of the initial local action. Soon the intention to ease world hunger shows up in more and more hearts in more and more places—and opportunity moves, too, creating pathways, opening doors, recruiting allies.

Be integrous in your deep driving desire. Every day, imagine the desired outcome. Feel the joy of its fruition as if it were fulfilled now. Feel the integral, holistic resonance of imagined fulfillment throughout your entire bodyheartmind. Every day practice attitudes, hone skills, take actions that support your wish fulfilled.

Integrity is about what you do now. The integrity of your future depends upon the integrity of your intentions, actions, choices now.

Opportunity knocks every moment. Open the door and greet it with a bold integrity. Reciprocal blessing falls all over that attraction action.

Integrity: The Inner Firepit

We are energetic beings in an energetic multiverse. I once read a quotation that reads: We are non-local beings in a local experience. To me that means that local action has non-local effects. Happenings here and now affect there and then.

Local integrity is internal action here and now. And it’s the internal preparation that gives a burning desire its best chance for external fulfillment through the nonlocal field of infinite creativity.

Consider this analogy. To get a fire going, you need to prepare the firepit from the bottom up. A little bit of tinder, inside a little teepee of kindling, inside a bigger teepee of pencil sized twigs, inside the teepee of fuel wood. Add a wee spark or flame to the central tinder, breathe on it, and patiently tend to its needs from the base up, from the inner to the outer. You may notice that its heat and glow spread beyond the firepit. You may notice that its sparks resemble twinkling stars. A campfire is an analogy for a local event with non-local resonance of warmth and wonderment.

Integrity is an internal firepit. It’s entangled with the nonlocal field of organizing oomph everywhere. Preparing the internal firepit of integrity sparks resonant energy vibrations into the cosmic dynamo of organizing élan.

Integrity is an energetic attractor. Consistent practice of integrity’s vibrant vibratory trio of bold heart, prepared mind, and honed skill gives integrity more spark and sparkle. The more ardent, focussed, and skilled our local integrity here and now, the more vibrational verve we swing into the nonlocal field of energetic élan.

When skilled external action supports a bold integrity and a prepared intention, opportunity happens. The cosmic dynamo of organizing élan works in harmony with the energetic muster of integrity to fulfill a deep driving desire.

Opportunity happens all the time. It just happens to happen more vibrantly to our attention span, to our noticing faculty, when we’re vibing with integrity.