BELIEF: The Simplest Of Things Blog Bite

Belief is the smallest of things wielding the greatest of powers. Believing you can or believing you can’t makes or breaks your greatness groove.

But your greatness groove doesn’t help you much if you don’t believe in your greatness. Belief is an inner ally to the unfolding of your greatness.

If you believe that your greatness is determined by things you think you don’t have, such as innate ability, opportunity, special talent; or by arbitrary factors like social class, economics, geography, other people, then your mind gets into loops of lack.

None of us escapes some ups and downs in life. Adversity comes spinning along as it will. But adversity can come spinning along and crush you when you doubt yourself. Adversity finds weight in a mind that twists and turns in loops of lack. And in loops of lack, the same-old-same-old keeps spinning itself into a life.

Belief in yourself liberates your greatness groove to do its good work in your life and in the world.

Belief in your greatness groove is a primary liberating ally to your deep driving desire—that thing in you that must be what it can be. Believing in the greatness of your deep driving desire or believing that you can and will discover your deep driving desire gets you thriving from its wildish ground.

A lovely adage says: You must believe it to see it. I take that to mean that belief creates the inner conditions for something to be so in the world, preparing you for its arrival. Belief sets up a resonance hub inside you, an electromagnetic pulse of possibility.

To use a garden metaphor: if you want to attract butterflies, plant the flowers that butterflies vibe with. Your greatness groove needs you to plant a bright blooming belief in your greatness.

Belief in your deep driving desire lifts you from a path of fate to a path of destiny, from the path handed to you by circumstance to the path required by your soul. And then destiny begins to unfold.

It seems that the bright belief is the beloved of destiny. And belief, at its root, means joy, gladness, and love. Yes, right in the root meaning of the word, joy is the heart of belief.

So when we say something like: destiny hangs on your belief in your greatness; we are saying destiny hangs on your joy in your greatness.

True belief is practicing joy. And joy is a resonance that brings the best into being.