About Me

Getting YOur Flow On

If you’re stuck, I’ve got the tools you need to get started, get unstuck, and get some flow happening.

Hi. I’m Kimberly Ananda Mallett. I’m here to help you get your flow on. I’m here to help inspire your desire to make deep, loving, joyful positive change for a better life.


Training & OFFERINGS

I’m a Law Of Attraction Coach, Inspire Desire Coach, Master Degree level psychological counsellor and member in good standing with the OACCPP. In Ontario and Canada, your EAP Benefit or Extended Healthcare Benefit may cover your costs and that’s good news for a lot of clients.

Counselling or coaching sessions intended to inspire and transform your life begin with an appreciative enquiry into your presenting story. We’ll explore:

  • what you really want,
  • what got you to the place you’re in that you don’t want,
  • what the fear is in not getting what you really desire,
  • what life would be like when you do fulfill your deep driving desire,
  • and what can be done to get you moving toward a better place in your life.

We’ll set wellness goals and explore actions to manifest that vision of your liberated flow, that fulfillment path of the deep driving desire.

Sessions include a variety of deep change interventions that a client likes from my bag of tricks. These therapeutic interventions include:

  • Hypnotherapeutics
  • Meditation
  • Integrative Yoga Therapeutics
  • Aromatherapeutics
  • Tapping
  • Energy Medicine
  • Adult Colouring
  • Journalling
  • Reiki

Whatever your need, whatever your internal wrestle right now, whatever your deep driving desire that wants to flow, these interventions can provide immediate comfort in the short term and shift old core conditioning into refreshing and flow supporting beliefs in the longer term.

These tools, when used frequently and consistently, work at the deep levels of your being, of your subconscious, to rewrite old memory programmes–your cramp of conditioning–and renew your total outlook and approach to your life.

I’ve Been Stuck Before

If you’re like me when I get stuck, you may feel like a prisoner in your own life digging a way out with a spoon. And if you’re like me, you’re stubborn–you’ll keep digging till you dig yourself out sooner or later. These interventions just give sooner a greater boost by teaching practices that open those inspiration and motivation pathways, and get your flow happening.

Why Counselling or Coaching

Psychological wellbeing makes us better people. The old cramp of conditioning in the subconscious that keeps you feeling stuck can get cleaned up. New neural paths supporting new healthy beliefs can be pioneered. Healthier subconscious patterns make for healthier choices. Healthier choices make for healthier actions.

Helping you become the best person you can be, better than you were before, better than yesterday, inspired by your deep driving desire and engaged in the daily particulars of your one precious and singular life is my vocation. When we are inspired, we move more deeply into our humanity and live with more lovingkindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity.

Helping you to to feel inspired enough challenge the old stuck places in your self and move more and more into flow is part of my role in your life. But if you’ve landed here, you’ve taken a first step yourself–and that’s a really good sign that you’re ready to take the next step. Email me at:


Let me help you get your flow on.

Remember: counselling services at LivingFlow are covered under many Employee Assistance and Extended Healthcare Benefit plans through your workplace and/or group insurance. Contact me for information.


Kimberly Ananda